After School/Work Art Classes for Children and Adults

Why Learn Art in a Private Studio?

In many educational settings, art is taught by giving projects and/or problems, inventions that are formulated to teach art skills such as the effective use of line, color, and form.

Art, however, develops not only from such skills but also from one's unique connection to materials — how line, color, and form are created and what they mean in a personal way.

Leslie by Catherine, age 6 (above)
Bird by Susanna, age 13 (left)

In my studio, I seek to help students (ages 5 and up) clarify such connections and to communicate them in a way that is personally fulfilling.

I encourage each student's development of his or her own language by experimenting with a wide range of materials: clay, glazes, wood, fabric, fibers, papers, paints, collage elements, drawing materials, and more.

Classes are small, no more than five. Students are given individual attention. I often work along with them.


Art Class by Catherine, age 9 (above)
Art Museum by Seth, age 7 (left)

From time to time, I show slides to introduce the art work of other artists. And every week, I display the "Art Work of the Week," a reproduction that may be a 15th century French tapestry or a comical ceramic head from the California Funk period.

As an artist of forty years and the author of three books on women artists, I have an extensive knowledge of artwork, historical and contemporary.

I also have a good art library and like to show examples of others' work that might relate to a student's.

We occasionally visit galleries and museums as well. Mostly, we have fun and students return year after year.

If you would like information about times and fees, you can email Leslie Sills.

Girls by Hannah, age 7