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Dad - AIDS - Dad

Dad - AIDS - Dad. gouache, oils, rice paper, and fiber, 12 x16", 2014

DAD-AIDS-DAD is an homage to Alysia Abbott’s profound portrait of father-daughter love in her recent book, Fairyland – a memoir of my father. Having lost her mother in a car accident at age two, Alysia was raised by Steve Abbott, an openly gay poet, in the Castro District of San Francisco shortly before the AIDS epidemic. The emotions of the young Ms. Abbott are so visceral in her book that I felt compelled to create a painting and contacted her to ask for more images. With printed out photos from her Facebook page, I painted her father in various stages of his life surrounding Alysia, elongated, like a paper-doll. This image is based on Alysia, from the jacket cover photo, a time when she and her father were dressed up to play a game.

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