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Looking For My Father

Looking For My Father, oil, acrylic, and gouache, 12 x16", 2013

Looking for My Father – In May 2013, the N. Y. Times published a photo of a Bangladeshi boy, Hasibul, age ten, whose DNA was being used to identify the remains of his father who had died in the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse the month before. I took a special interest in this story as I grew up in the garment industry. My mother owned a dress shop and took me on buying trips. I, also, researched and wrote about another garment factory disaster in the United States for my book, From Rags to Riches: A History of Girls Clothing in America.

It was Hasibul himself, however, who inspired the painting. His beautiful brown skin, brightly colored shirt, and soul searching eyes contrasted so poignantly with the black, gritty debris in which he was standing.

The father image in the window is based on a photo of an actual victim and the Caucasian mannequin head on the ground had been there as well.

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