Art — Painting: Recent Work


Recess, gouache, oils, and fiber, 12 x16", 2013-14

Recess – Since 1994, I saved a notecard with a reproduction of a painting by Bessie Nickens, an outsider artist who memorialized her childhood in a book of her paintings titled Walking the Log: Memories of a Southern Childhood. The card shows three girls playing Double Dutch (jump rope with two ropes) in the country surrounded by glowing autumn trees and a hazy, orange sky.

I loved Double Dutch as a child and was good at it! When I found a black and white photo of an almost toothless girl with an irrepressible grin (from an international art exhibition of women artists), I knew I had the perfect model to represent my pleasure jumping. The girls turning the ropes were inspired by two of my students, Gianna and Willa.

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